7 signs it’s time to have a second child

1. You feel completely well-rested and long for a time when sleep was elusive, Starbucks was on speed dial and your face was permanently stuck in a yawning position.

2. While chasing your overactive toddler around the house as he/she throws pasta sauce on the carpet and spaghetti on the ceiling, you think— this would be so much more fun if done in the company of a crying newborn!

3. When you think back on your pregnancy, you remember the ability to eat whatever you wanted, the shininess of your hair and the strength of your fingernails— as opposed to the backaches, nausea and water retention.

4. You have an unexplainable urge to sterilize all the plastic containers in your kitchen, troll the internet for interesting baby names, invest heavily in stretch mark creams and time yourself setting up and breaking down your breast pump to see if you’ve “still got it.”

5. You woke up the other day and thought— “These pajamas are really comfortable! Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could wear them day in and day out for the next nine to twelve months straight?”

6. You find yourself with five minutes of free time and would like to fill it with spit-up deflection, poop containment and projectile vomit clean-up.

7. You take a long look at your first and think— I love this child to pieces. He/She is everything to me. But somehow, my family is not yet complete. Plus the first year was an amazing ride.

sumber adalah di SINI

obviously! i sangat sangat sangat sangat lah ready~ #TDDMKA

no, im not. -____-"

tapi i sangatlah sangat tertekan perasaannya kerana dah nak raya ni oi oi...kenapa berat turun tak sampai 500g pon oi oi...siang tak makan pon kut oi oi..dah la breast feed oi oi...kenapa liat sangat nak turun ni oi oi!!!

nak menambah lagi tekanan perasaan kene mendengar tiap-tiap hari husband merungut seluar longgar giler. agak-agak la oi oi..bini kamu dalam dilema kegemukan ni oi oi..

arghhh..nak pregnant balik la macam ni!

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  1. relax farah..sikit lagi bila maryam dah boleh berlari...masa tu u x cukup kakitangan nak kejar..hehe..

  2. kalau i mmg teringinnk tambah..hehe thn depan kena rancang betul2.. hehe

  3. akak dah lupa dah sakit beranak macamana..hehehe

    tp tunggulah ashraf besar sket;P