buah naga. dragon fruit. pitaya.

 buah naga

8mo++ boleh la makan

maryam selalu jugak makan, tapi susahnya kalau nak cari yang kaler merah ni. asyik jumpa putih jer

makan buah naga sambil joget

 15 kebaikan buah naga

High concentration of Vitamin C
Vitamin C is very important because it improves our immune system. If you want to heal any open wound quickly, regular Vitamin C intake is highly recommended. Vitamin C from dragon fruit is also easier to absorb than Vitamin C from pill supplements. I’m sure a lot of you will agree with me that it’s more fun to get your daily Vitamin C intake by eating dragon fruit rather than taking pill supplements.
It is also better to eat dried dragon fruit than fresh dragon fruit as studies have shown that the former contains 10x the Vitamin C content compared to the latter. Almost 50% of the recommended daily Vitamin C intake is covered just by eating 100g of dried dragon fruit.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)
With the Vitamin B1 content in dragon fruit, this helps our bodies generate a lot more energy and metabolizes carbohydrates.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)
A low cholesterol diet is important for diabetic patients. In this regard, dragon fruit is ideal to eat because it is low in cholesterol. Moreover, those fats which produce cholesterol is relatively non-existent.
Vitamin B3 can also enhance our skin’s appearance by moisturizing it. We all want our skin to be as smooth as a baby’s don’t we?

Vitamin B12
Dragon fruit is a natural appetite stimulant because it contains Vitamin B12. This is great for anyone who has just recovered from an illness and has lost his/her appetite.

High fiber content
Dragon fruit has a high dietary fiber content. With fresh dragon fruit, you can get up to 1g of fiber for every 100g of the fruit. On the other hand, for every 100g of dried dragon fruit, you can get 10g of fiber. The skin of the dragon fruit is also rich in fiber. If it is in good condition (no molds, black spots, and smells fresh), try eating that as well. This is ideal for those people suffering from constipation or irregular bowel movements. Moreover, it also benefits our liver by preventing urinary tract infection (UTI).
The red dragon fruit variety has a higher fiber content than the yellow variety.

High mineral content
Dragon fruit is a great source of phosphorus and calcium. These minerals are responsible for reinforcing our bones, making our teeth healthier, and having great body cells development. Tissue formation is also promoted by phosphorus.
The yellow dragon fruit variety has higher mineral content than the red variety.

Rich in antioxidants
Dragon fruit is an excellent source of natural antioxidants which aid in blocking free radicals which cause cancer and other health-related issues. Antioxidants found in natural food will always be better than taking doses from pill supplements.

Helps in controlling glucose levels
This is especially true for type II diabetics.
If you are type 1 diabetic patient who uses insulin, studies show that by eating dragon fruit, you can reduce your insulin intake.

Reduces the risk of high blood pressure
Eating dragon fruit can normalize your body’s hypertension levels. This is good news for people who are prone to having strokes.

Neutralizes toxic substances in the body
The effects of toxic substances, such as heavy metals, are greatly reduced. Some heavy metals like copper and zinc are good for the body but only in trace amounts. If these accumulate and reach a dangerously high level, these can cause serious illness. Mercury, lead, and arsenic definitely have no health benefits.

Improves eyesight
Dragon fruit contains carotene which helps in maintaining and equally improving our eyesight. This is good news for people who dislike eating carrots.

Reduces weight
Once again, by regularly eating dragon fruit, we can cut down on our weight significantly and build a well-balanced body.

Alleviates chronic respiratory tract ailments
Cough and asthma are very common respiratory ailments among children and adults alike. Regular consumption of dragon fruit helps in alleviating these ailments.

High Protein Content
Having high protein content can boost our metabolism. This also leads to reduction in weight.
Protein is also a vital ingredient in producing hormones, enzymes and chemicals in the body.

Low fat content
There are so many small black seeds in the edible part of the dragon fruit. These seeds contain a small amount of fats but most of these are unsaturated fats. The unsaturated fats are responsible for increasing the levels of good cholesterol and removing bad cholesterol from our bodies
sumber disini 
 buat lassi pon sedap

buah naga+yogurt+ air/susu sikit

 suka buat muka terkejut begini sambil cakap "haa" bila dengar bunyi dog pagi-pagi.

*indahnya suasana pagi rmah kita. bunyi anjing* -____-"

dan jugak bunyi carutan mak cik rumah bawah sambil menyapu kawasan garden dia orang selalu buang sampah. kalau first word maryam,

" you low class dirty b****" 

siap mak cik tu i g tarik rambut dia. grrrr!!!


alamak kotor baju

hehe..dragon fruit ni kalau separuh biji tu maryam boleh makan 2-3 kali snek..kalau ummi sebijik sekali hadap jer..

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  1. maryam!!comey nya kamuuu..slalu saya beli musti dpt yg merah jrg jumpa dragon putih..owh,BS amani pn slalu dgr mncarut2 mmg kena cari BS lain huhu..

  2. magh..klu dragon fruit nie..1y da leh ngap eh?

  3. wk, huuuuu..yeke..tukar2..xpon cakakap jgn carut depan amani

    sh, 8 bulan bolehdah

  4. aloloo comeinya maryam..good girl..

  5. aloloo comeinya maryam..good girl

  6. wah nampak sedapnya dragon fruit ni, nampak comel bila maryam buat lidah macam tu. slurpp!!

  7. maryam sgt comel n cheeky bon bon. hehe. how i wish dpt baby girl..

  8. Maryam mace oghe Korea:)

    haritu kak ila beli dragon fruit d tepi jalan nak g Bagan Lalang..memang banyak jual sebab situ ada ladang dragon fruit..meme murah & manis2